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Prayer is a continual part of the life of Bethany Presbyterian Church, and we are always grateful to include new folks in the ministry of approaching God in thanks & praise, but also in petition & lament. In each Sunday's worship bulletin you will find listed the prayer requests from our community for the week. We invite members to take these home and pray for one another and our community and world through the week. To help us with this spiritual practice, we also encourage our members to remember MP3 - Monday Prayer at 3pm.

Prayer is also a significant part of our weekly worship services, and is led by different members of the congregation each week who are called LITURGISTS. The word liturgy means "the work of the people" and at Bethany we believe that this work can be done by people of any age or stage in faith, so long as they feel called to assist in worship leadership for the people of God.

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Every Sunday, Bethany has at least two members or friends of the congregation who join the pastor and musicians leading the congregation in worship. These are called liturgists and will read scripture, pray, and lead the congregation in any call and response liturgy. Liturgists do not necessarily have to be members of the church, but should be people of Christian faith. To sign up or learn more about being a liturgist, complete and submit the form below.

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