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"LentOn" Sermon Series

Lent begins on Ash Wednesday (every year) which happens to be on Valentines Day, Feb. 14th (this year), so Bethany is taking a cue from the calendar and beginning our Lenten Season with a sermon from Song of Songs titled "Love is Strong as Death."

Near the end of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, a young woman named Rose says "we're going to win this war, not by fighting what we hate, but saving what we love." Traditionally, Lent is a season during which people choose to abstain from certain activities or behaviors that are seen as vices--which is kind of like fighting what we hate. We think that the church and the world may be better served by making Lent a season in which we save what we love. Seen this way, Lent is not first a foremost a season to turn off all our troublesome activities and behaviors (though that may result), but to turn on life-giving activities and behaviors.

This sermon series explores six #LentOn Practices found in the Gospel readings from the Revised Common Lectionary. On the surface, these less explicitly religious (and sometimes bizarre) practices may not seems ultra spiritual, but join us for worship, and try them on. 

On Good Friday, we'll revisit the opening theme with a sermon titled "Death is Strong as Love," and then on Easter Sunday will conclude the series with a sermon titled (spoiler alert) "Love Wins!."

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Ash Wednesday Worship