Deacon Ministry

Bethany has an active corps of Deacons, volunteers who help “look after” those who are are members and regular attendees.

Bethany Deacons meet monthly, sharing resources and news of the congregation, and continually seeking ways to enhance the lives of others.

The Deacons maintain a prayer list, coordinate hospital and home visitations, connect with people by phone, and organize an annual “Deacons Christmas Basket” collection to help enrich the tables of those who may be in need.

Through the Deacons’ annual “Cookie Drop,” Deacons and volunteers bake, box and mail goodies to Bethany young people who are away at college or serving in the military.

Deacons are elected by the congregation to serve a term of three years. A Moderator (chair) is chosen to lead the Deacons. The Deacons’ Moderator for 2017-18 is Jim Carter.

Bethany is blessed to have such dedicated and hard-working Deacons providing care for the congregation.

Who are Deacons? Read Called to Be Servants: Deacons in the Presbyterian Church.